There’s a lot going on out there in digital space. People, brands and businesses get lost in it every day.


There’s no understating the importance of digital in communicating with your audience. It doesn’t have to be complex, though.

Digital explorer is an approach to web design, development, and marketing that is considered in its effort allocation. We say, let’s make it simple and straightforward. Let’s get where you need to go.

We’ve sussed the angles, directions and pathways that facilitate success in the realm, then channelled them into targeted packages to get you there.

Mission-focused, it’s all about setting a goal. Do you want to reach new customers, or re-engage existing ones? Nail Facebook advertising, or create a professional, on-brand ‘look and feel’ on Instagram. Then there’s web traffic and email marketing to consider. Get seen by the right people in the right places. Drive customers to make a decision or contact you – the choice is yours. Digital explorer is a mission and we want your business on-board.

Why Small Business?

Traditionally we've been focused on offering exceptional service to larger businesses and our agency partners. However, we believe that small businesses are the back bone of the New Zealand economy and we want to make the same great service, advice and knowledge available to all.  To help small businesses make the leap to digital and thrive online.

From small beginnings come great things.