Digital Explorer Is Brought To You By Empire9, A Digital Marketing Agency In Christchurch, New Zealand.


Who's Empire9?

Empire9 is a boutique digital marketing agency in Christchurch. We love digital – it’s exciting, measurable and effective. 

We’re experts in Digital Marketing and have years of experience in Google Adwords, Analytics, SEO and more.

The digital landscape is constantly changing at a pace most businesses struggle to keep up with. When you think your hardware is on the cutting edge Apple releases version new.newer. You think all your software is up to date only to find you’re due an upgrade. You’ve just come to grips with Facebook marketing when bam they change the rules, change the layout or completely remove a function you relied on.

You know that you need to be adaptable - but you may not know where to start. Pinning, posting, tagging or snapchatting??? That’s where we come in.

Why Small Business?

Traditionally we've been focused on offering exceptional service to larger businesses and our agency partners. However, we believe that small businesses are the back bone of the New Zealand economy and we want to make the same great service, advice and knowledge available to all.  To help small businesses make the leap to digital and thrive online.

From small beginnings come great things.